Seamless Air Diffusers' Performance Advantages

Custom Air Diffusers Help Optimize HVAC Performance

InviAir’s design and build services can supply Seamless Air Diffusers that meet your unique specifications. Create an ideal pattern of air distribution for your project by controlling the shape, size, slot thickness, slot angle, and plenum box dimensions of the diffuser design. Our precise engineering allows you to control the throw, static pressure, and noise criteria of your diffuser design

How can we help?

InviAir can provide performance data for many air outlet shapes and sizes. Whether you’re working on cutting-edge new construction or retro-fitting a historic building, InviAir’s Seamless Air Diffusers are a budget-friendly custom solution.

Seamless Air Diffusers Lower Noise Criteria Values

InviAir’s unique composite material is extremely effective at reducing Noise Criteria. Unlike aluminum air diffusers which can create and amplify moving air noise, our products actually absorb sound.

95% Reduction in Condensation Improves Efficiency

InviAir’s smart composite material not only resists moisture, it improves HVAC system performance. With a significantly lower response to temperature change than aluminum, our flame-retardant material reduces condensation on the diffuser by 95%. This allows for a higher thermostat setting and reduced energy consumption.

Seamless Air Diffusers Are the Architect’s First Choice

Seamless, Thermal Air Diffusers by InviAir air free the architect from the constraints of designing around unsightly air registers and vents. With a Seamless Air Diffuser, a discreet slot or channel releases air into the space. InviAir’s flush-mounted, paintable air diffusers allow architects and designers to integrate the air outlets into the overall design. InviAir Seamless Diffusers’ linear, circle or amorphous shapes are suitable for almost any room layout application. They disperse air through a slot in the ceiling plane for the most effective mixing and air exchange. Seamless Air Diffusers can be customized according to your specifications, creating common ground between the goals of the architect and the engineer.

Last-Minute Adjustments

Adjustments to the duct connection, plenum box or acoustical lining, even last-minute changes, are no problem for our production staff. Correct an error in measurement, or make an adjustment to create the ideal pattern of air distribution for your project.

Dedicated Support

InviAir’s support team includes mechanical engineers, architects, and trained HVAC technicians. Whether you’re an engineer or HVAC contractor, we want you to love installing our Seamless Air Diffusers. Your success is our success – so we’ll respond quickly to your support requests by phone and email. Job-site support is also available, depending on the type of project. Our detailed installation video is online in three languages, and our spec sheets can be downloaded at any time.

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