About us

InviAir is a manufacturer of wall and ceiling air diffusers for HVAC systems that can be built into the ceiling plane. Our unique, groundbreaking tape and spackle diffusers blend discreetly into the interior architecture unlike any other product. Our founders are HVAC professionals with a combined experience of over forty years in the industry, who are dedicated to offering the best air diffusers on the market.


Our unique line of Seamless Air Diffusers is the result of more than three years of engineering research and development. Our goal is to provide creative, attractive, and functional construction solutions. With aesthetics always in mind, we continue to develop new concepts, create new products, and bring new, practical solutions to the construction materials marketplace.


Precision and quality are key to our production process. Both materials and finish must meet the most stringent standards that an InviAir product requires. All of our Seamless Air Diffusers are designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY, where we control every step of production. This enables us to deliver top-quality products and allows us to offer unique customization with fast turnaround worldwide.