What makes InviAir’s diffusers so unique?

In addition to our classic round, linear, and square diffusers, we also give you the option to create custom shapes and sizes to match your project’s unique needs.

Seamless Integration
Don’t compromise between aesthetics and functionality. Our one-of-a-kind diffusers blend seamlessly into the wall and ceiling.

Condensation Reduction
Our innovative, proprietary composite material is unlike anything on the market. It has a much lower response to temperature, which allows for a 95% reduction in condensation.

All of our diffusers are designed and manufactured right here in Brooklyn, NY, where our agile team meticulously controls every step of the production process to ensure consistent, premium quality.

How it Works

Step 1
Install InviAir diffuser to the ceiling studs and make duct connection at one step

Step 2
Use our pattern to cut the diffuser shape out of the gypsum board, and install the board.

Step 3
Use drywall spackle and mesh tape to blend the diffuser with the ceiling surface and paint it to match.