Integrate Your Air Outlets Within the Architectural Design

Created for Architects and Interior Designers, our Seamless Air Diffusers and Advanced Architectural Grilles are integrated seamlessly within the interior architecture. Installed directly into drywall or acoustical ceilings, these innovative air outlets give architects creative freedom by eliminating ugly air registers and vents. Specify an Architectural Air Diffuser, and an unobtrusive channel disperses air into the room. The inventive design of our Seamless Air Diffuser with LED Lighting integrates both a discreet air outlet and a light fixture into the ceiling plane.

 Custom Air Diffusers Without Compromise

With the customization capabilities of InviAir, architects and designers no longer have to compromise between aesthetics and function. Our Architectural Air Diffusers are a discreet solution for modern residences, commercial spaces or institutions. Design your own unique outlets to blend into any architectural design, or incorporate them into an outstanding visual element. Because InviAir’s diffusers comply with the most current building standards, they can be produced in any size, shape or color and still meet HVAC engineers’ specifications.

Integrated LED Lighting

Our Seamless Air Diffusers With LED Lighting are simplicity at its finest. Combining two products into one reduces visual clutter, and incorporates lighting directly into the ceiling plane. Our diffusers with lighting bring together elegant minimalism and budget-friendly design, since they make it possible to specify one product instead of two.

Made in USA

All of our Seamless Air Diffusers are designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. Our location in the New York area means we control every step of production to ensure consistent quality.

Short Lead Times

Whether your project is large or small, our products are made to order, and made quickly. We’re proud of our short lead times, and our production team is here to help with design support, renderings, and technical information, to help you meet your deadline. Rush orders are welcomed. Proximity to international airports and ports means fast shipping on custom orders, both in the U.S. and worldwide.