Why Do INVI Diffusers Have Ridges?

Closeup of Invi 1 Slot Frameless Linear Air Diffuser Linear Diffuser on Sidewalk

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Our frameless diffusers have ridges around the slots. Some customers are confused by this at first, initially assuming that they may be decorative or that they extend beyond the face of the drywall, but that is not the intended installation. During proper installation, our frameless diffusers mount entirely behind the drywall, and the topmost part of the ridges is intended to be flush with the surface of the finished drywall. After completion and regular drywall finishing, the ridges will be totally covered over by compound. The final appearance is just a clean, smooth, open slot in the drywall, primed and ready to be painted over to match the finish of the rest of the drywall.

There are several advantages unique to this product’s design and our patented installation method when compared with traditional slot diffusers. The first set of advantages is related to our products’ isolation of metal parts from supply air. Unlike our competitors, there are no metal surfaces exposed to the conditioned air and the ambient air. This fact, combined with our use of a proprietary, smart, wood-based composite material, is what allows INVI diffusers to prevent condensation in nearly any situation. When there is no condensation at the diffuser, that also means no mold, corrosion, or cracking from the moisture.

Another set of advantages is related to the fact that there is no metal flange going over the drywall that needs to be feathered in by the finisher. This saves time, it is more reliable, and it also prevents cracking that often occurs when there is a thin layer of compound over a piece of metal. That metal will expand and contract with the fluctuations in temperature that take place around the diffuser opening at a different rate than the compound on top of it, which will inevitably create stress fractures. INVI’s frameless diffusers avoid these problems and also end up with a cleaner finished look than diffusers that mount in front of the drywall.

 If you were curious about the appearance of INVI diffusers, hopefully this article clarifies some of the questions you might have had about the reasoning behind our design. If you have already purchased INVI products, this should help you make sense of what is going on with the product you have and help inform the installation process. If you are thinking about purchasing INVI products, this should help you to make a more informed decision. Feel free to contact our expert technical support team with any questions by emailing technical@inviair.com or by calling our office at 917-909-0343. Thank you!


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