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Product Overview

The Invi Jet Diffuser is a modern, elegant alternative to common jet diffusers. It is ideal for large spaces such as airports, museums, sports arenas, industrial facilities, and large commercial building entrances. Its adjustable head allows for both multi-directional and long distance air flow output. 

Key Features

Suits any type of ceiling
Adjustable head directs air to the desired direction
Available in any size
Ideal for large spaces and heigh ceilings
Lower noise criteria
Simple and swift installation
Easy to paint and match ceiling color and texture
Composite material which eliminates condensation, static and dust
ASTM E 84 Class A Rated
Carb II Compliant

Standard Sizes:

12″ Jet Diffuser
18″ Jet Diffuser
24″ Jet Diffuser

Available Sizes

Downloads / 12" Diameter

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Downloads / 18" Diameter

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Downloads / 24" Diameter

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