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Product Overview

Minimal and sublime, the Invi 2 Slot Linear Diffuser blends seamlessly into any ceiling or wall for a clean, modern look that complements the surrounding architecture. The biggest difference between our linear diffusers and traditional metal diffusers is the proven reduction of condensation, as well as elimination of cracks. InviAir’s proprietary material does not expand and contract the way that  aluminum and steel linear slot diffusers do. 

Key Features

Frameless, flush mount installation
Used for both SUPPLY & RETURN
Suits gypsum, acoustical, tile or custom system ceilings and walls
Available in any length and slot opening
Curved options are available
Lower noise criteria
Simple and swift installation
Easy to paint. Match virtually any ceiling color and texture
Composite material which eliminates condensation, static and dust
ASTM E 84 Class A Rated
Carb II Compliant

Available Sizes