1 Slot Round Diffuser

Our 1 Slot Round Diffuser offers a truly minimal and modern architectural look, while still retaining excellent and unparalleled system performance. We offer it in standard and custom sizes that are applicable as both a ceiling and wall diffuser. It looks great in both commercial and residential settings.

2 Slot Round Diffuser

The Invi 2 Slot Round Diffuser is a contemporary and visually distinct diffuser that adds a unique quality to any ceiling. Our seamless round ceiling diffusers simultaneously offer an aesthetically pleasing look, while retaining excellent and unparalleled system performance.

1 Slot Round Diffuser with Light

A sleek, dual-functioning round diffuser that combines air distribution with ambient LED lighting in a single product. A great, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional round duct registers. Perfect for small areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, or for anyone who wants to achieve a minimal look on their ceilings. InviAir’s new product line with LED light elevates our architectural air diffusers to a new level.

US Patent Number: 11378301