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InviAir is a manufacturer of wall and ceiling air diffusers and grilles for HVAC systems. Our innovative, flush-mount process allows our products to blend discreetly into the interior architecture unlike anything else on the market today. Founded by HVAC professionals with a combined experience of over forty years in the industry, InviAir is dedicated to offering some of the best air diffusers and grilles worldwide.

Our unique line of seamless air diffusers is the result of more than three years of rigorous engineering research and development.

Our goal is to provide creative, attractive, and highly functional architectural materials. With aesthetics always in mind, we continue to develop new concepts, create new products, and bring new, practical solutions to the construction materials marketplace.

The following pieces are a snippet of some of our completed work, along with projects that are currently in progress. These projects highlight some of our products’ aesthetic and technical advantages, adaptability, and our commitment to design excellence.

Work in Progress

Major Institution Library Renovation

Cambridge, MA

InviAir is supplying a customized solution for air diffusers in a historic library renovation at a major university. Working extensively with the architect, mechanical engineer, and contractors, InviAir is negotiating the architect’s intent with the performance demands of the mechanical system, and providing a solution that is durable and easy to install. The design intent is to produce a less cluttered, acoustically performing ceiling that also recalls the library’s historic large pendant lighting.

To that end, the designer sought a round diffuser as small as possible that also accomodates a large pendant light system within it. Incorporating this design with the performance requirements of the mechanical system and the technical requirements of mounting and wiring a hanging light system, all while seamlessly matching the specified acoustical plaster ceiling, InviAir designed a new, bespoke system for this project.

Case Studies

City MD Urgent Care

Queens, NY

CityMD Bayside is a 2000 sq ft Urgent Care Clinic located in Queens, NY. InviAir’s overall goal was to match the clean, sterile aesthetic of a medical clinic by providing minimalist air diffusers that prevented cracks, condensation, and mold formation. Based in Brooklyn, NY, InviAir’s close proximity to the clinic allowed for a short turnaround time, swift installation, and unparalleled customer service from start to finish.

The unique material on the diffuser’s flat surface was then painted and finished to blend perfectly with the surrounding gypsum ceiling. Our first installation with CityMD resulted in an exclusive specification for all upcoming CityMD openings across the country.

Architect: Concept Designs Planners & Builders Inc.

Holland Bath & Spa

Potomac, MD

Located in the affluent suburb of Potomac, Maryland, this residential master bathroom remodel boasts floor-to-ceiling glass doors and pristine marble.

Architect and industry leader, Davis Holland Leichsenring approached InviAir during his search for an unobtrusive air diffuser that wouldn’t impede or clash with his elegant vision. Davis and his team, together since 1995, have been designing and building innovative residential baths and spas in the Washington DC area, and are widely recognized for their creative design, stellar service, and impeccable workmanship. He is committed to creating beautiful baths that help people find harmony with earth’s natural elements of clay and water. Davis was enamoured by the simplicity of InviAir’s linear diffuser and it’s sleek, unassuming qualities.

Unfortunately, the aluminum vent that was installed in the bathroom prior to the remodel had cracks and gaps in the drywall, causing air leaks and contamination. InviAir’s discreet, flush mounted linear diffuser proved to be the perfect solution for this troublesome issue as its composite material eliminates cracks, performs better, and lasts longereven in some of the most humid environments. Furthermore, our linear diffuser’s seamless integration allowed Davis to have full and precise creative freedom in his client’s sophisticated project. The InviAir team worked very closely with Davis throughout the entire planning, design, and installation process to ensure smooth and favorable completion.

Architect: Davis Holland Leichsenring

Spiritea Drinks

New York, NY

Originally from Canada, Spiritea Drinks celebrated their second tea shop’s grand opening in the heart of NYC’s East Village on May 25, 2019.

InviAir was approached by Stone Lang, Partner and Director of Interior Design at New Practice Studio. Based in New York and Shanghai, their work explores possibilities in architecture, urbanism and visual communication as ways to transform the stereotypes of everyday experience into the prototypes of new spaces and ideas. Upon discovering our website, Stone was intrigued by our minimalist diffuser designs and unique, seamless application. The 1-Slot Round Diffuser immediately caught his attention, as it captured the soft, inviting essence of the Spiritea aesthetic. Furthermore, because InviAir uses an innovative composite material as opposed to aluminum, it significantly reduces a common HVAC problem in NYC’s humid summers: condensation. An added benefit is that the face of the round diffuser’s surface is easy to paint, and effortlessly matches the ceiling’s color and texture.

Clad with pastel pink decor and round marble tables, Spiritea Drinks is a space aims to incite comfort and solace in an otherwise bustling city. All 12 of the 8” round InviAir diffusers were strategically placed so that they would simultaneously complement the existing softness of the space, while also balancing out any hard edges in the interior architecture and hanging artwork. The diffusers also offer a cheeky, yet intentional ode to Spiritea’s aptly named popular round dessert, the “mousse cloud.”

Architect: Stone Lang, New Practice Studios

InviAir Client Testimonials

Holland Bath & Spa

You HAVE to be totally proud of your linear diffuser! Many, many thanks. All the best, and until the next project!


Amalgam Architecture

Excellent product and phenomenal service. I have had great experiences with InviAir on project with standard and custom grilles and plenum boxes.


The Altmark Group

Unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. InviAir went above and beyond to assist me in finding the perfect type of diffusers for my home renovation.


BG Creative

I’m installing 3 linear slot diffusers now and they work great! The InviAir team took my dimensions and handled everything perfectly.